This ‘Zero’ Rupee Note Is Viral, The Amazing Reason May Shock You


The fight against corruption has been the subject of discussion is the Zero Rupee Note. It looks like 500 rupees. If someone asks for a bribe gave it they can be arrested.


This unique campaign in Tamil Nadu began 9 years ago has now become a matter of discussion in the country. Tamil Nadu ‘5th pillar “of the institution started it. Note that so far 25 million have been issued. The impact is such that it is now seeking bribes are feared.

What is its USP (unique selling point)

The Reserve Bank of India’s place on the ‘Finish corruption’ is written. 100 or 500 rupees on the note instead of “0” is written. Also printed on the institution’s phone number and email id.

From Where You Can Get It?

The Zero Rupee Note any ‘5th pillar “downloaded from the website can make prints. This note five languages ​​(Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu) have been prepared in. The note by the thousands of people who ask for bribes have been arrested.

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