This Video Shows How There Is A Gandhi In Each One Of Us & We Just Need To Bring Him Out

Why Tata Salt and Gandhi? Because Gandhiji and Salt have a historical association. The act of Salt Satygraha broke the monopoly of salt prices and was a step in establishing the premise of Independence of India. Through this act of defiance the whole nation erupted in the wave of nationalism against the tyranny of the then British Raj. Hence through the lens of our character Mohan we try and showcase how the ideal have stood the test of time and still reflect true in Indian society through various acts of kindness and care.

On the 146th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Tata Salt – Desh ka Namak presents #GandhiInMe, where we celebrate his teachings through a common man just like us who is on a journey to find these great values through small acts of goodness which we see across India. This symbolizes that even in today’s trying times, Gandhiji’s views still hold true in creating a better nation.

Watch this epic video showing How There Is A Gandhi In Each One Of Us & We Just Need To Bring Him Out

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