This Time Bajirao Mastani Finally BEATS Dilwale In Term Of Collection

4th day collection of Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale

Dilwale in terms of collection? Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look at the collection of both the movies:

First Day:

Dilwale: Rs 21 Crore

Bajirao Mastani: Rs 12.80 Crore

Second Day:

Dilwale: Rs 20.09 Crore

Bajirao Mastani: Rs 15.52 Crore

Third Day:

Dilwale: Rs 24 Crore

Bajirao Mastani: Rs 18.45 Crore

Fourth Day:

Dilwale: Rs 10.09 Crore

Bajirao Mastani: Rs 10.25 Crore

Dilwale vs Bajirao Mastani Total Collection – As we shared above, Dilwale is in lead with the Box Office battle of Bajirao Mastani. Yet audience preferring to Watch Bajirao Mastani because of word-of-mouth, and comparatively Bajirao Mastani is worth of watching than Dilwale.

Here’s Proof And Total Earning :-

Collection Of Bajirao Mastani :-

Collection Of Dilwale :-