This Picture Proves That Distance & Years Are Just Numbers

“Friends are forever, Cousins are for life”

Childhood memories always comprises of the time spend with cousins. And pictures are the best way to capture these moments. It help us to relive the time, all the crazy games just flashes in front of our eyes.

Similarly, this group of cousins and friends took a picture in 2000, to capture the moment in it. Though its been 15 long years, their love and affection for each other refused to fade away. Once again, they went to the same place, with the same enthusiasm and decided to take another picture to relive the moment and the results were amazing.


It is very rightly said,

Cousins are childhood playmates who grow to be friends forever.

This really makes us all want to relive the childhood days, the summer vacations and the visits to relative’s home, those card games and the outdoor games played all day long.