This Picture Has Started A Much Needed Conversation About C-Section Scars.

Caesareans terrify mothers-to-be and so does the prospect of labour. But one way has to happen. This one mom’s while she was getting her pregnancy photoshoot done, told her photographer, Helen Aller, how she was very scared of C-sections. Some weeks later, that mom called Helen and asked to be photographed with her baby and her Caesarean scar.

She said that her fear of C- sections had gone now because it was because of it that she and her baby were alive today. Earlier that week, a few complications had occurred and she had had to get a C-section which saved her and her baby.


Helen posted the image on her photography page on Facebook and it received immense attention. While there was negative attention too, most of it was moving and positive.

It seems to have helped many mums come to terms with their own scar and open up about their own experience. Helen is overwhelmed by the response and feels glad that something she created has helped so many!

The photographer told HuffPost UK Parents: “To me it’s a beautiful image that shows both a struggle and something beautiful.

“I have received so so many stories from c-section moms saying how it has changed the way they look at their scars.

“I can’t believe the amount of women that are ashamed of their scars and are made to feel like they haven’t done the job properly because they didn’t give birth naturally. In fact I am stunned.

She explained to Baby Centre: “The baby could not of been placed higher as I was concerned about pressure too close to her wound.

“His head is supported by her pubic bone. We had just finished up shots of the baby asleep on a bean bag so the mum got in position and I placed baby straight onto her asleep and took the shot.”

While it helped moms deal with their C-sections, a lot of dads also came forward with their opinions and appreciation for women.

Here is what a few of them had to say:

“I have yet to meet or hear from a guy that says, “Oh gross, c-section scars are disgusting or horrible’. We also see the beauty in giving birth to a child no matter how it happens.”

“Women are beautiful and have the gift of life.”

The people on the internet can be rather cruel when it comes to body shaming. For them, whether you are fat, thin, tall, short, wear spectacles, braces, or if there is anything at all that is different about you, you are not good enough for them!

But no scar is ugly; they are battle wounds. And of all scars how can a scar that brings babies to this world ever be ugly? It is the mark of human creation.

You are brave, momma in the picture and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!