This Note Was Written By Sanjay Dutt’s First Wife, Before Dying

Recently, Sanjay Dutt walked out as a free man from the Yerwada prison. And it seems that he has had a series of tragic events in his life, including the tragic death of his first wife Richa Sharma due to brain tumour, in 1996.


Recently, his daughter Trishala posted this picture on Instagram of a note written by her mother Richa Sharma.


The note, was apparently the last note writeen by her mother Richa Sharma, before her death.


She wrote in that note, “We all walk together. Each one chooses their own path. I chose mine. But I am left in a dead end street. How do I go back? Do I get another chance?”


She further added – “Time tells all. I’ll wait even if it takes long. I know deep inside there is no way I’ll be left behind. I still have hope. My guardian angel will take me some place where my dreams will be waiting. They will welcome me in with their arms open with care.”