This Man Filled 1125 Pits On The Road From His Pension Fund

There are many people in India who have earned their own name. Such a man whose story Bihar Dasaratha boater Bollywood film director Ketan Mehta made. Majhi was difficult task than other tasks. Creating the perfect way to cut a mountain alone is madness. People were shocked when they found out their time and their calls for great, great and live the word made it. Well, in our society there are some people who like Rafter on small have come to the concerns of ordinary people. If such a person living in Hyderabad retired railway employee Gangadhar Tilak. He’s using his pension alone 1,125 of the city are filled pits.


Gangadhar was the beginning of the mission in 2010. Adding that “the road was going through his Fiat car that suddenly their car wheel in the pits which had mud being Ujl school child and his mother took on the clothing. They are very embarrassed by this incident and drove off, he apologized to the girl and her mother. ” The incident was followed by Gangadhar Jijonr from inside his pocket nearly five thousand rupees by all the potholes on the road next door were filled.


Endangering the lives of these pits fill the pits when he saw they were serious then move the wheel of a bike rider and an auto-bus collided with broken arm. The incident with the auto driver was just sitting several passengers were injured. He then pits on the roads to reduce the problem and every citizen to provide safe road travel on the road every morning they set out to find the pits. For this, they are blowing fuel rose Rs 500. 8 to 10 sacks of jute in the car lying in the streets of the material is filling the pits.


Mahatma Gandhi was taken off the line in my life, “he changes himself, do you want to see in the world”.
It was the work of the government, but instead to take Gangadhar finger at the government itself began to fill potholes on the road. That people in the country who need a place to shout to make myself start.