This is What Happens To Girls In Indian Trains!!

Women teasing is not a new phenomenon in India and is highly prevalent. There are a number of reasons for the same with loose laws and public apathy being the strongest reasons for continuation of this malpractice.

This is a Video shared by Genelia on Youtube which shows how this problem pans out for girls in public transportation (specifically – Trains). It shows a number of middle aged men drinking freely in train in spite of it being prohibited strictly.

Whats more shameful is the apathy shown by another male in the same coach who could have helped the girl but decided to vacate the seat instead.


However, it seems that Indian Railway Police has now taken it in their hands to safeguard the girls of our country.

Watch this video and see how the girl gets molested and finally the solution she uses:

Railways have come up with a helpline no 182 which can be dialed to inform the police and then the police will come and take the molesters to task once the next station comes.


Adn then these Molesters will be thrown behind the bars!!


Every girl should know about this helpline so that they can call this number in case of any problems.

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