& This Is The Reason Why Girls Should Also Carry [email protected]

Using protection to be on safer side while making love is actually the best advice one can ever get and give. But this advice is not gender specific, both the boys and the girls should carry a protection with them. Yes, you heard it right, Women should always keep some condoms handy.

Rarely we get the chance to appreciate an effort taken towards changing the attitude and thought process of the public. But here we are doing so, truly comprehending what bright canvas films has come up with. Such brilliance and creativity is surely worth appreciating.

The chances of transmitting STD’s have increased over the years and this is essential so that everybody is aware of the fact too. This video is a must-watch for everybody to understand how dangerous, carelessness and reckless attitude can leave you.

Isn’t the video an eye opener? Indeed, it is.

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