This Father Discoverd Something Really Scary In An Old Photo Of His Daughter

Goosebumps these days are pretty easy to create with photoshopping a picture and uploading it randomly on the internet.

Due to this, the genuine pictures get ignored too and lead to a mistargeted audience of high criticism and no horror anymore.

But, this one picture does it all in a flick of an eye when you look closely enough to notice.This guy was going somewhere with his daughter when they spotted a scenic location near the sea shore and clicked a really cute photo of her.


The face of the girl is blurred for some personal reasons of not attracting any negative media about it.

But, when you look closely or even zoom in to this picture you will notice something really creepy going on there.

There can be seen something or someone standing behind her facing towards the sea.

Where is he?

He is just behind the girl in the picture when in reality there was no one there at all.

As there were more pictures clicked by the father of this girl, the boots disappeared.

This remains a mystery whether it is true or not though there is a myth of a ghost man roaming in those shores.


People criticised the guy who uploaded this picture but a lot of comments also came in support of the person.

Some people were really scared of this picture.

Some even went logical about the assumptions of the physical appearance of the ghost to be short heighted.


Just in case you encounter anything similar do not forget to think that there are a lot of people who criticise instead of praising for capturing the moment.