This 24 Year School Teacher Raped A Male Student Of 17

When it comes to cases like this we often define the victim and the guilty stereotypically to be girl and the boy respectfully.

But, would anyone believe if the case goes completely the other way around?

This time, it actually did.

This 24 year old woman is a teacher in Catholic High School, Cardinal McCarrick has said to maintain a physical relationship with a 17 year old student of the same school.


This woman in the photo above is Fatima Grupico, a 24 year old History teacher who has been alleged for the rape case.

The physical relationship was made several times from May 4 to May 30. However, the school has closed down in June due to some financial complications.

Fatima has been under arrest by the Middlesex County prosecutor for sexually assaulting and endangering the welfare of the child. says that Fatima is kept in jail in North Brunswick, waiting for her bail hearing.

But, not only was she a rapist, she was also obsessed of selfies.

So, whenever she was not teaching she used to take a lot of selfies and post them on online portals.

Here are some of them taken from her pinterest wall.


What if her obsession for selfie could have been the only thing becoming a hazard and not the rape case. She would have got either famous positively or at least stayed out of jail.

Source : CultNuts