Things You Must Remember While Paying With Your Credit Card

There are many people who are becoming the victims of criminals every now and then. These criminals either scan their card information using some special devices, known as skimming and ultimately steal their money. Nowadays, using your card at stores, malls or restaurants may even lead you to fall into the trap and be a bait for such criminals. Ingenico, a credit card terminal manufacturer, recently issued some guidelines on how to identify such criminals that are involoved in the process of skimming in a standard terminal(Ingenico iSC250). Everyone should find such information beneficial to use.

A skimming terminal is significantly larger than normal

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A skimmer should comparatively be longer and wider that the terminal itself to match up with its size. This is the reason behind a skimming terminal being noticeably larger than the original one. This principle feature helps us to recognize those swindling devices and gadgets.

No buttons on focus

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A skimmer sometimes may be inserted too quickly with a jerk that it may block the passage of button highlighting on the terminal.

Green LED light is blocked

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An attachable skimmer may also chunk the green LED light that should be on while scanning a card by the terminal.

Frequent operation errors

 when the data is being scanned by the skimmers, they sometimes get in a way of the magnetic strip which ultimately results into more operational errors and notably slows down the working of the terminal. So one needs to be aware and pay attention if a terminal operates much slower than it should.

 No attached stylus

All payment terminal are attached with an inbuilt stylus that clients use to enter their signature once their card is being scanned. But a skimmer inside an  iSC250 doesn’t led the stylus to be attached with the payment terminal.

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How to protect your money

The most effective and easy way to protect yourself from getting trap in the bait is to have a separate debit card that would only have the round off money that you need for a purchase at hand.

  • To immediately react to unexpected debits, you must connect it with an SMS banking service.
  • One must set the limits and limit cash withdrawal amounts to prevent the criminals to withdraw all your money at once.
  • You must immediately call at your bank and block the card if you have lost it somewhere and you think that someone may have discerned its details.
  • Learning about your card insurance capabilities and terms with your bank is also a good option. Some banks also conduct special programs for safeguarding their clients from fraud and compensate of damages.
  • While paying with your card in a mall or store, make sure that the employee do not carry away the card with himself not even for a single second. Also while paying in a restaurant, don’t let the waiter take away your card. They may skim it on the spot deliberately. Make demand of carrying and fulfill all the operations in your presence.
  • After paying with your card, make sure you read out the receipt carefully. Empty field in the paid amount must not be entertained.