Things We Are Going To Miss After The Ending Of Comedy Nights With Kapil

Comedy Nights With Kapil has come to an end and we all know how much we will miss this show. Those weekends were booked for Bittoo Sharma and his mad family and never even once did we get disappointed with his episodes. Here are 15 obvious things that we will miss about the show and we cannot really cry about it but just cherish it in our memories and may be even on Youtube:

  1. Kapil Sharma’s stand up act at the beginning of the show. Seriously, this guy knew the art of crafting our daily life activities and every commoners stupidity into his humor.


  2. Kapil asking the crowd questions to actually insult them in good spirit. You can love him or hate him for this one but he surely makes us fall off our chairs whenever he does this on the show.


  3. Daadi’s alcoholic avatar, Shagun Ki Pappi and ‘ittu sa tha’ are something that’s gone down the history.


  4. Gutthi’s intro and her song on “Phool Khile Hai GulShan GulShan”


  5. Palak’s dance moves and her stupid intelligent questions to Gutthi #BeatThat


  6. Manju ke Lips since Kapil really made her lips very famous so much so that people address her as ‘Bade honth wali Kapil Ki Biwi’


  7. Sidhu paaji’s shayari on all the beautiful actresses and his most epic ‘Thoko Taali’


  8. Pankhuri and Daadi’s fight over everything because they end up getting on each other and that’s the best part.


  9. Bittoo Sharma’s chemistry with his Sasurji because that’s better than any other Saas-bahu jodi, Admit it!!


  10. Bua’s 22 year old hot sexy lady introduction to the celeb guest and her flirting with every actor summing up with “Kaun hai yeh aadmi?” at the end.


  11. Raju’s incredible tolerance and patience to serve so many mad people in the house without any money.


  12. Kapil-Sidhu paaji’s jugalbandi on their funny shayari. This one is epic.


  13. Kapil Sharma singing on the show. Melody on the roll, treat to our ears and his most famous signature thing on the show ‘Babaji Ka Thullu’ which has won over everyone in the nation.


  14. Because they were mad family, a happy one, they were not real but we just wished they could come to our reality just like they did every weekend 10 pm. Only if wishes were true.