7 Ridiculous Things That Only The Rich People Buy, Poor People Can’t Even Dream Of It

Half of our population is living below the poverty line, but at the same time, we also have some Indians who are spending money on ridiculous things. While the poor can’t afford to buy themselves a one day meal, the rich people are spending it blindly on gold flake donuts! Don’t believe us? Then check out the list below.

7 things on which only rich people spend money:-

1. A cricket team

Normally, people wish to become a cricketer. But who dreams of owning a cricket team one day? Yeah, well, some people do, and they are the ridiculously rich people. The Mumbai Indians’ market value is estimated to be more than $50 million and is owned by none other than Mukesh Ambani.

Rich People

2. A private jet

From Ambanis to Mallyas, every rich person owns a private jet. While at the same time, half our population is struggling for the cheapest flight ticket.

3. A yacht

Owning a yacht, just for yourself? – Is this your dream? Now many people in India have seen a yacht and when it comes to owning one, it’s obviously a dream. Vijay Mallya’s yacht costs a ridiculous $150 million. Guess it was smart of him to run away from all the debt!

Rich People

4. A gold shirt

A normal person would settle for a cotton shirt but rich people? Well, they just can’t find ways of spending money! Dattatray Phuge, an Indian businessman, made it to the headlines after ordering a pure gold shirt for himself!

5. Reinast Luxury Toothbrush

Seems like rich people need to remind themselves of their wealth every now and then. Even if it’s while brushing the teeth! While the rest of the Indians are here busy, plugging ordinary stuff in their teeth, the ridiculously rich are spending a cool $4000 on it!

Rich People

6. Gold encrusted donuts

Rich people often have the desire to differentiate themselves from the commoners. Also when it comes to eating DONUTS! Chuck the ol’ sugary donuts allow you to add gold flakes to your donuts and each donut costs $100!!

Rich People

7. iPhone 5 Black Diamond

When you can’t get enough of owning one of the most expensive phone brands in the world, what do you do? Well, you order one with diamonds on it! Priced at £10 million or ₹83 crores, this phone is actually owned by some rich Indian brats!


Rich People

What do you dream of buying one day?