These Police Cops Have Decimated Hundreds Of Gangsters

If you are aware of the news of the arrest of Chhota Rajan. At a time when others like Rajan was in Mumbai roost. Mumbai was then in complete panic. In the 1980-90s, when the terror underworld was growing day by day, and some of its officers to Mumbai police Chhota Rajan, David and the rest of the gang punks busting assignment, which began in Mumbai Continuation of encounters. Mumbai police to end the terror of the underworld Chhota Rajan and Dawood’s gang is almost 450 more than the encounter of gangsters. Let us introduce the date of these brave officers.

1. Whether David gang henchmen Pradeep Sharma or the Lakhan’s brother, of all people with this name Khuf eat. 112 encounter Pradeep Sharma is enough.

Source: Arabnews

2. Daya Nayak: Daya Nayak is known as an Dabbang cop, He had killed many criminals of gangs. There are now 83 encounter in their account.

Source: Ibtimes

3. Aslam Momin- Pradeep Sharma and Mumbai police encounter specialist Daya Nayak Besides Aslam are believers. He has 34 encounter.

Source: Techtimes

4. Praful Bhosle is called Death Squad memberof Mumbai police encounter team. He had killed gang hero Arun Gawli, Chhota Shakeel to eliminate many of the operatives in the Mumbai attacks, along with Vijay Salaskar . He still has 77 encounters.

Source: Desiwhatsapp

5. Ravindra Angre, was considered a police officer with the state of the toughest network. Angre  came in the spotlight due to the disappearance of gangster  Suresh Moncekara and his entire gang. He made 54 Encounter.

Source: Memegenerator

6. Vijay Salaskr-  was killed in 26/11 Mumbai attacks, the encounter specialist Vijay Salaskr had eliminated don Arun Gawli gang. He now has 61 encounters.

Source: Spiegel

First Published on Bhaskar