These controversial suicides of Bollywood will give you goosebumps


We always see our Bollywood stars happy, loving, tension free on-screen. But reel life and real life are very different. At the end they also have life like common people. They also have some personal problems and tensions in their life. In Bollywood there are some celebrities who have committed suicide rather than facing the problems.

Here we bring to you controversial suicides of Bollywood which will give you goosebumps :

Silk Smitha


Silk Smitha was an actress who predominantly worked in the south movies. Silk Smitha was found dead in her Chennai apartment, having committed suicide on 23 September 1996. Silk committed suicide mainly because of loss of love, financial bankruptcy and alcoholism.

Parveen Babi


Most beautiful and glamourous actress of Bollywood Parveen Babi was found dead on 22 January 2005. Police has found her dead body after 72 hours when secretary of her society alerted the police that she had not collected milk and newspaper from her doorsteps for three days. She has diabetes and also she was in depression. Parveen committed suicide by consuming alcohol and sleeping pills.

Divya Bharti


Bollywood actress Divya Bharti died on 5 April 1993 at the age of 19. Bharti fell to her death from a five story apartment building, Tulsi Apartment in Versova. It wasn’t long before the media and public started making assumptions behind the cause of her death. Many say it was suicide while some say it was a murder. But mostly people said it to be a suicide. Police has investigated 5 years but did not find any clue, so the cause of her death was never officially confirmed.