The War between Kapil Sharma’s Team and Colors TV Heats Up


Things have gone downhill between Kapil Sharma and Colors TV since their superhit TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil went off air. The channel who produces the show, Colors TV, has now slapped legal notices on two of Kapil’s fellow comedians from the show, Sunil Grover aka Guthi and Ali Asgar aka Dadi, barring them from performing at a forthcoming live event in the same getups that had become extremely popular during their stint on the show.

Grover and Ali are to travel for a live concert, Da-Bang, to Surat on the 19th of this month. The event will be headlined by none other than superstar Salman Khan and his Kick heroine Jacqueline Fernandez. The concert’s producer, Brijesh Gadiali, had announced to the media that Grover and Ali would be performing at his event in their popular personas of Guthi and Dadi. Since this is a live show, he had not felt the need to seek permission from Colors TV before making the announcement.

However, the channel was clearly incensed by this development, and wasted no time in taking a legal course to ensure Gadiali’s plans did not see the light of day. A reliable source from the channel was quoted saying, “Dadi can’t perform even as a normal old lady with grey hair and a jooda. Guthi can’t even don ribbons. This is the kind of diktat that the legal notice spells out. The duo has been clearly told that even a reflection of their Comedy Nights with Kapil avatars would tantamount to copyright infringement. It’s sad and funny both.”

Time will tell how Sunil, Asgar, and Brijesh choose to respond to Colors TV. This is just the latest in a spate of unpleasant situations to emerge since Kapil’s exit from the show.