The Gap Between Your Eyebrows May Reveal Your Personality!

It is said well that eyes are the ways to our hearts, and as we know that the heart is merely a part of our own self.

Hence, the eyes have a good grip at telling about what and who we are as a person.

But, is it a fact of study that the shapes of the eyebrows and the distance between them can differentiate the personality of a person?

It certainly is. Here are some facts that relate the shape of the eyebrows to the shape of our own self.


IF the eyebrows are far apart

You are less likely to be led by others but are a little hesitant to make big decisions due to being frightened of your own confidence. You pay attention towards creation and have a very subtle mind when calm.

IF the eyebrows are close

You have high levels of anxiety with a very good intelligence power. A little less interactive with illogical or non-productive people, but very kind and close to the ones who deserve it.

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