Tales Of The Pain Behind The Beautiful Voice Of Blind Tumpa


The famous singer and poet Gurdas Mann said in an interview that “the whole world is in itself a musical, a musical moment, which boasts the world. The world as a singer, and the pain it gives him confidence. ”
In the Internet world a few days ago was a viral video in which a blind daughter Shreya Ghoshal song “Do not you hear the” singing voice showed his savory. This video was uploaded to YouTube by the child’s teacher, after which she was known.


Says “diamond jeweler is valued.” And here, too, the jewelers taken to identify diamonds. Tumpa on YouTube after the video hit the magic sound of Miss Bollywood has reached. When the video Tumpa singer Hariharan saw her musical training was determined. Later, the famous Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has agreed to finance all of Tumpa.

Listen to the old video of Tumpa :-

And this is their new video :-