Check out the VITAL STATS of your favourite stars

In a nation where individuals eat, rest and inhale Bollywood, it comes as a nothing unexpected that whatever a star does, it is of national intrigue. From their relatives to private gatherings, get-aways and relationships, cine buffs have been occupied… Continue Reading

आप सोच भी नहीं सकते इतना पैसा उड़ा देती है बॉलीवुड हेरोइंस अपनी फिटनेस पर

आज के समय में फिट रहने का भी अलग सा ही ट्रेंड चला है. एक समय वो था जब लोग घर में ही 2-4 व्यायाम करके ही खुद को तंदुरस्त रखते थे. पर अब सब कुछ काफी बदल गया है. लोग… Continue Reading

Kapil Sharma Marries With Jacqueline Fernandez On The Set Of The Kapil Sharma Show

Exclusive : Kapil Sharma marries with Jacqueline on The Kapil Sharma Show. Comedy King Kapil Sharma has always been the most favorite popular comedy superstar nowadays. With his growing popularity there is no one who doesn’t consider him a jewel… Continue Reading

Dishoom Cast John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez On The Kapil Sharma Show

Dishoom is an upcoming Indian action-adventure film written and directed by Rohit Dhawan. The film stars John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Akshaye Khanna. John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez are all set to be on The Kapil Sharma… Continue Reading

Chris Gayle And DJ Bravo To Appear With Jacqueline Fernandez & Raveena Tandon On The Kapil Sharma Show

Stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma’s newly-launched “The Kapil Sharma Show” will see two West Indies cricket team’s most popular players as guests. It has been reported that DJ Bravo and Chris Gayle will appear on “The Kapil Sharma Show” as guests… Continue Reading