SURVEY! Punjabi Women Buys The Most Number of Sex Toys

India is a country where sex was a taboo. Even speaking the word “Sex” publicly was considered immoral or inappropriate. It was ironic that in a country of Kamasutra it was a taboo. But the situation is no more the same.

One by looking at the number of cuts by the censor board can predict that our country is a sexually deprived country. If you are one of them who think the same then you are wrong. Today sex is celebrated in our country.


People especially women want to experiment. “50 shades of Grey” has reached to the minds of women. Be it BDSM, lingerie, nasty sex they want’ to experiment almost everything with their partner. And whats wrong with that. It makes 2 people even closer.


Sharing your sex fantasies with your partner improves communication between you and your partner and improves sex life as well.

According to a recent pan-India survey, today more number of Indians are trying to enrich their sex lives.


A survey by  gives an insight into the usage and trends of sex products in India. It analyzed data from over 80,000 orders, 52 months of internal traffic, surveys, and customer interactions.

For most people purchasing sex toys involves walking down lanes and facing the shopkeeper with a little embarrassment on their face. That is the reason why people prefer to buy sex toys from online stores. Whereas people who are weak on the Internet ask their friends who live abroad to get one for them.


Striking difference between male customers and female customers

Online buying makes it easier for women too to buy sex toys. Though it is easier for them, there is a huge difference between the number of men who buy sex toys and number of women who buy sex toys. According to the survey 62 per cent of customers are male and the rest 38 per cent are women.


What do the customers  basically purchase

While most men buy lubricants, women are more inclined to intimate massagers.

Out of 38 percent female buyers, most buyers are from Punjab. Unlike their counterparts states, women from Punjab are inclined to ‘excitement’ products like arousal oils. Male buyers of Uttar Pradesh buy penis enlargement products and men’s thongs find the maximum buys in Telangana.