SURPRISE – This Actor is a part of Baahubali movie but Nobody can spot him!

With the release of Baahubali 2, people finally know – ‘Why Katappa killed Baahubali” but there are still a number of secrets about Baahubali – which you don’t know about. And one of these secrets is that Sharad Kelkar of “Kuch to Log Kahenge” fame is a part of this of this project.

Did you notice him in the movie. I am sure Not. Because nobody did!


But, how can that be. It was because Sharad was not a part of any of the scenes; he actually lent his voice to the lead actor Prabhas for the Hindi version of the movie!

Sharad Kelkar is a famous TV actor courtesy his lead role in the Hindi serial “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge”.

sharad900Source: TellyChakkar

When Sharad Kelkar shared about Baahubali project – people were shocked because they did not understand the connection. The actor shared a pic with S. Rajamouli on Instagram wherein he thanked the Director for making him a part of this grand project called Baahubali.

According to a few reports, Sharad has done a course on dubbing from a dubbing company and it played a big part in him landing this role in the project. And we think that he has done a great job at the job that he was given. In fact, Sharad’s baritone was not really useful to him earlier in his life but it has brought this huge thing to the guy!

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Sharad’s wife and his family are also proud of this accomplishment. They are also loving all the adulation and attention that is coming due to their association with Baahubali.