Sunil Pal Trying His Best To Make Kapil And Sunil Together, Sunil Tere Ko Kapil Pe Bharosa Nahi Kya?

You definitely know about the infamous brawl between Kapil and Sunil unless you have been living under the rocks. The fallout of Kapil and Sunil has affected their fans the most. They both were magic when they were together.

Sunil Palsource

While Kapil is trying his best by bringing on new people, but no one can replace. Everyone including Kapil tried to bring back Sunil. However, he left with a vow to never return on TKSS. This time Sunil pal is trying to soothe things out with a hilarious song “Sonu tula majhyavar bharosa nahi ka?”


This song is getting viral on the Internet. People are loving this song. Sunil Pal has come up with his own version of Sonu Song and it is quite hilarious.


The lyrics of the song is:

Sunil tujhe Kapil pe bharosa nahi kya.. Kapil tujhe Sunil ka intzaar nahi kya 

Tumhari Jodi he hit-hit..dono comedy me fit-fit

Jaldi se mil jao dono, khtam karo khit pit”


In the song he even mentioned Kapil’s arch rivalry Krushna’s name. Indirectly he called him manipulative. These are the lines in which he mentioned their names, “Bharti k baatein he jhor jhor..Krushna k baatein k gol gol”

Listen the song here

 This song was shared on twitter. Till now thousands of people have watched it and people are absolutely loving it.


Nailed it

This song is getting viral on the Internet. We hope that Sunil also watches it soon and comeback on TKSS.