Watch! Sunil Pal Aplogizes And Urged Sunil Grover To Come Back To The Kapil Sharma Show!

The brawl between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma seems like never ending. After the ugly spat between Kapil and Sunil, the latter decided to quit the show. It was the most heartbreaking moment for all the fans. Everyone tried to break the ice between both of them. But sadly nothing worked. Sunil decided to keep his self-respect above money.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, Ehsaan Qureshi and Raju Shrivastava tried to convince Sunil to come back. But nothing worked on him. Even the makers had a meeting with the comedian but everyone’s efforts went in vain. After Raju Shrivastava, Ehsaan Qureshi and Navjot Singh Sidhu, it’s now Sunil Pal who is trying to pacify Sunil Grover.

The laughter challenge fame took to Facebook to bring things back to normal. Sunil Pal posted a 5-minute video on his Facebook account.

In the 5 minute video, he apologized to Sunil Grover from Kapil’s side and asked him to join the show again.

Sunil Pal even reminded him that his huge popularity is all because of the show. The show has given him recognition. He even mentioned about the last time when he had left Kapil’s show to start his own show. But the show got unsuccessful. It’s all because of one reason Kapil and Sunil are complementary to each other. Both of them are a crucial part of the show.

Sunil said, “You are a big artist and people appreciate your talent but don’t forget an artist gets to deliver his talent only when he gets a big platform. Both, you and Kapil have made the show a success and you two are the wheel of the show. And I am afraid that both of you will not be able to achieve anything separately.”

He was recently seen on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show” to handle the show as Sunil Grover has let the show. However, due to Sunil Grover’s popularity, fans couldn’t appreciate anyone replacing him. Due to which he failed to entertain them as Sunil Grover could do.

Here’s the video posted by Sunil Pal

Truly Said Sunil Pal! Fans want to see both of them together on a single show. They are waiting eagerly to see Sunil Grover essaying the role of Dr. Mashoor Gulathi on The Kapil Sharma Show.