Sunil Grover’s Humble Reply To A Fan Who Asked “Paiso Ke Liye Kya Kya Karna Padta Hai ?”

Sunil Grover is famous for his excellent comic timing and outstanding sense of humor. He is the most versatile comedian of the Indian television. Be it the role of Gutthi, Manju’s father, Dr. Mashoor Gulati or Rinku Bhabhi, he has done justice to all the characters.Only he knows how to play every character gracefully and with perfection. No doubt, this man is a complete package.

Sunil Grover has won millions of hearts with his comic timings. He never leaves any stone unturned to entertain the public.

No doubt Comedy Nights With Kapil was the show with the highest Trp show in Indian television. But, you can’t even deny the fact that Gutthi was one of the biggest reason behind the popularity of the show. Sunil Grover is the synonym of versatility.

There are some celebrities who are not as good in real life as they appear in reel life. Few celebrities have even come on the spotlights for their misbehavior with their fans and media person.We don’t know how difficult it is for them to understand that what they are is all because of their fans’ love. However, some of the celebrities have

Not only onscreen he is a simple and humble personality offscreen too. And this he has proved yesterday on Twitter.

A Sunil Grover fan twitted in an impolite and disrespectful manner. He tweeted,”paise k liye kya kya karna padhta he.”

If there would have been any other celebrity he might had misbehaved. But Sunil Grover is known for its humble behaviour.

He graciously took the question and answered in a very police way. He tweeted back,”No brother you are wrong. Paise k liye nahin, the intention is to bring smile on your face.”