Sunil Grover is in Big Trouble. This is What Happened!

Sunil Grover is in news ever since his mid air brawl with Kapil Sharma. Sunil Grover was slapped by Kapil Sharma on this flight. Kapil also called Sunil Grover as his personal servant on this flight. Following the fight Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar have quit the Kapil Sharma show forever. Recently, Sunil planned a show in Ahmedabad with Ali and Chandan.


But, this show has got into legal trouble because of case against Sunil Grover. It has been argued that Sunil Grover has taken money and then refused to do the show. Devang Shah and Rajpal are involved in this criminal case against Sunil Grover.

Sunil opened up about these allegations and told,

“I am not at fault. If someone wants attention by doing such a thing… I don’t know who this guy is. My management, my team booked the show in Ahmedabad and I am quite excited to go there and perform. Everything is clear from our end with him. He wanted to change the date and my manager returned the money because we didn’t have the date. On the same date, some other organizer came and we signed with him. So, this was very ethical. We returned the advance that he had given us so, after that he wants attention.”


When he was asked about not working with Rajpal, Sunil said,

“No one is bothering to find out who this person is and what his track record is. It’s very childish what this guy is doing to gain attention. I don’t even want to comment on it. I recently got to know that it’s good we are not doing the show with him because he is not a credible organizer. If you find about him, you will know.”


Sunil said this when he was asked about his return on the television as his fans are waiting for him,

“I haven’t been able to decide when I will return. I will work of course. I have been working towards it. I am planning… I don’t know yet. I am just trying to figure out (the possibility of a new show). What it should be or what it could be…”

However, when he was asked about returning to TKSS, he said,

“We have spoken enough about it. Let’s move on.”

Let’s see if Sunil Grover can survive this case or not. Good luck to Sunil Grover.