Sunil Grover Finally Opens Up Like Never Before On His Fight With Kapil

By now, everyone is aware of the mid air brawl between Kapil and Sunil Grover. Ever since the fight broke, both of them have maintained their silence over the fight. Despite some tweets, they haven’t talked directly in front of the media about the feud.

Now finally after maintaining silence for a long time, Sunil Grover has opened up in length. He has made up his mind of not coming back to the show. Although it took some time, but he has now moved on.

He said, “I’m here to work, not to have an argument with somebody and walk out of shows. I just want to make people laugh. Whatever happened was unfortunate, emergency landing ho gayi meri.”.

Sunil Grover

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Other team members were also miffed at Kapil for his arrogant behavior. Therefore along with him Ali Asgar, Chandan, and Sugandha Mishra also left TKSS. Due to which the ratings to show has gone down drastically.

While everyone believed that it was Sunil’ s absence that affected TRP, he holds a different opinion.

He said, “Ratings are not in anybody’s control. Even I have done a show (Mad in India on Star Plus), where the ratings didn’t meet expectations. If I was good with that system, I’d be working every day and doing 10 shows.” 

The Kapil Sharma Show completed its 100 episodes. However, Sunil Grover who was part of 92 episodes out of those 100 was not present on this special episode. So did that hurt him too? On this, he said,It did, but maybe it’s destiny.”

Sunil is very popular for his characters Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi. These characters are very close to his heart too. But as the rights are with the Sony Channel he can’t play these characters on other channels.

He said, “I can do these characters on live shows but not for another channel.”

Sunil grover

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Talking about his future plans,  he said, “Mujhe graha pooja karani padegi shayad. You learn from experiences like these and move on. I am open to doing more films because I’m not a comedian. It’s very difficult to be one. I am an actor who makes caricatures out of characters.”

After he boycotted TKSS, Sunil Grover made a guest appearance in the Sabse Bada Kalakaar and Indian Idol. He said,“The channel has been kind. Mahine mein ek aisa episode ho toh meri EMI (Easy Monthly Installments) nikal jaati hai.”

Sunil Grover

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What is he planning for next?

There are offers from 10 places but there is no point talking about them till something materialises. Right now, I’m not in the state of mind to lock anything. I need to understand what I’m getting into first,” he says.

Kapil reportedly abused him and assaulted him on the fight. Afer which he had quit the show. But besides all that he has decided to put the grudges aside and wished him good luck.

Of course, the association had been successful and I think Kapil is extremely talented and I wish him luck.he says