Sumona Chakravarti Want To Live Every Moment Of Her Life

Sumona Chakravarti who plays the role of Mrs Sharma (Manju) on Comedy Nights With Kapil had an interview.

Sumona said this to a news paper that she wants to live every moment of her life. She also said acting is not mission its her passion 🙂

She is not like Manju in real life. She is all different she said.

She said show is not hit because of celebrities who comes to promote there movie its hit because of presentation of Kapil his comic timing, gags makes Comedy Nights Hit.

She also said she likes to work with Kapil.


Sumona Chakravarti : Kapil Ke Insult Se Ho Gya Hai Pyar


She also said ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ is hit because of Kapil Sharma.

This interview was taken in Jaipur.