Sugandha Mishra of The Kapil Sharma Show’s Fame is No Less a Diva in Real Life!

We all know how talented Sugandha Mishra is through her portrayal of Teacher Vidyavati in The Kapil Sharma Show. She has a great comic timing and is a great singer as well.

But, most of us don’t know how glamorous she is in real life. Just have a look at the below pics –

1. Posing as a Bollywood Queen

1Source: ShortDay

She has the looks and grace of top Bollywood heroines. Given a chance, she would surely be able to make a strong impact n Bollywood.

2. Enjoying a vacation

Look at how effortlessly stylish she looks in these casual clothes during her holiday trip.

3. Singing in a Classic avatar

sugandha-mishra_640x480_71427184253Source: NDTV Movies

4. You cannot NOT Fall in Love with Her!

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5. Addressing the journalists with a lot of aplomb

14vzniv01_sugan_15_2439505fSource: Famous Peope India World

6. Enjoying with Chandan Prabhakar, TKSS Team and her Besties

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7. Sitting like a Queen – she can kill anyone with those looks

sugandhaSource: TellyChakkar

8. Pic from her Australia Tour

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Sugandha Mishra is not coming on The Kapil Sharma Show.