Is Sugandha Mishra from the Kapil Sharma Show Getting Married to a Co-Star!

Sugandha Mishra is well known for her Comedy and Singing prowess and people like us just love her for her talents. Recently, there have been rumors of the Comedy girl getting married to her colleague from The Kapil Sharma Show – Sanket Bhosale.

Happy gudi-padva and happy Navratri 🙂

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We know she is really beautiful and she should get married soon, but these alleged rumors are false as she clarified in a recent interview to “Times of India” newspaper.

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“I am getting calls from my friends and family from all over the world to ask me about this. My mom doesn’t stay with me and she called me up to clarify the same. She knows Sanket and was shocked to hear that I have decided to get married without even informing her. But everything is cool at home now. I made her understand that this is a false news and we had a great laugh over it. I think the report is a bad joke and lacks content. It’s a very bad thing that people cook up a story and don’t even clarify before publishing it,” said Sugandha to TOI.

Sanket and Sugandha are good friends and have a great work rapport. They also accompany each other to a number of live shows. But as per Sugandha, the relationship is totally work-related and there is nothing which is cooking under the table.

In fact, Sugandha is rather hurt by this irresponsible behavior of the national media wherein they have covered this false news without even once clarifying the reports from her or for that matter from Sanket.

“I don’t know where this news is coming from. Whoever has written this has not tried calling anyone of us. We are just good friends and we are not getting married. I think this story is a figment of someone’s imagination”, clarified Sanket.

Leaving you with an awesome snap of the Kapil Sharma Show cast before things started going downhill!!