11 Best Ranked Movies Of SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli is the guy who made the biggest motion picture of India. Without giving a single flop, he made 11 movies. The emotional quotient in any of his movies is extremely high. His ability to enhance a simple scene with his direction is brilliant. The plot of his films is old school but still, he manages to leave an imprint on the hearts of the audiences.

Scroll down to see the list of the best movies by SS Rajamouli:-

1. Baahubali: The Conclusion

This epic work by SS Rajamouli is a combination of beautiful romance, emotional scenes, epic war scenes, magnificent VFX and incredible sound design to add some experience. The movie wouldn’t have been conceivable without the dedication and hard work from Rajamouli and his team.

SS Rajamouli

2. Student No. 1

SS Rajamouli’s first shot at Telugu films was Student No. 1 which was released in 2001. It tells the story of a good student who ends up in an unfortunate series of incidents. His fight against an ever-judging society, his will to complete his education and to prove his worth to his family and to the world is ‘Student No.1’ in a nutshell.

SS Rajamouli

3. Baahubali: The Beginning

With this movie, SS Rajamouli proved himself that he is Indian silver screen’s one of the finest directors. The story is about a boy from a royal family, who is parented by the commoners, who support him to grow up to discover his predetermination which is to revenge for his dad’s passing and mom’s detainment by his uncle.

SS Rajamouli

4. Simhadri

In short, Simhadri is a volcano of emotions. The tale is about an orphan’s journey to earn a family, which makes him a huge violent vigilante in a place unfamiliar place. The intense dialogues and scenarios make the movie worth a shot.

SS Rajamouli

5. Vikramarkudu

In short, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ is the remake of this film by Rajamouli. The story is a simple one where doppelgänger replaces the other. One of them is important as he has some unfinished tasks that are to be completed by the other one after replacing him.

SS Rajamouli

6. Magadheera

The plot shows the lead pair die abruptly in their previous birth who are reborn, along with the antagonist, who lusts after the female lead. The breathtaking cinematography, visual effects, action scenes of the film makes it worth watching.

SS Rajamouli

7. Eega

Eega is the story of a man who has been killed and reincarnated as a fly. He seeks revenge but the woman he loves is unaware, and the fly can’t talk. So how can he take revenge?

SS Rajamouli

8. Maryada Ramanna

Maryada Ramanna is a comedy film, set up in an area called Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh, an area that is known for violence and family feuds. What makes the movie worth a shot is its epic storyline. The screenplay is set in a huge mansion of the protagonist, who is stuck inside it. But he cannot set a foot outside, if he does, he is dead!

SS Rajamouli

9. Sye

This movie is setup in an undergrad school where gang rivalry is predominant. Football is the common sport played there, between two gangs, to state their dominance over each other. But things take a turn when their college is struck in the middle of bigger things. The life of students, culture of youth, and the spirit of sport is brilliantly showcased by Rajamouli.

SS Rajamouli

10. Yamadonga

Released back in 2007, Yamadonga is arguably SS Rajamouli’s weakest film. The fantasy-drama shows the life of a crook who in the quest for quick cash, ends up dead and lands up in hell. There, he rebels against the God of Death i.e. Yama and returns to life. Only to realize that escaping fate is not that easy.

SS Rajamouli

11. Chhatrapati

Chhatrapati is one of the most loved movies by SS Rajamouli. It tells the story of a woman named Parvati who is forced to leave her village and even gets separated from her son Shiva. When Shiva grows up he fights against various odds including his evil stepbrother to meet his mother. The movie is filled with drama and action and is worth a shot!

SS Rajamouli

Which is your favorite SS Rajamouli movie?