Sonu Nigam Trolled On Twitter For Comparing Radhe Maa To Kali Maa


Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam has recently courted controversy when he tweeted in favor of the controversial God woman Radhe Maa. Radhe Maa is in news for being accused of of dowry harassment, abetting suicide and encouraging superstition. The God Woman has been accused of instigating four people to commit suicide. But Sonu has called out sexism in the treatment meted out to Radhe Maa in wake of criminal allegations against her.

Radhe Maa’s pictures in a miniskirt made it to social network and was criticized for her behavior. But defending her Sonu Nigam has compared the God Woman to goddess Kali in his tweet,

Nigam wrote on Twitter questioning why women had to follow different rules when people were willing to give male sadhus more leeway and benefit of doubt.

Irked by the criticism Sonu tweeted,

What are your views on the recent Radhe Maa controversy, do you support Sonu Nigam in his defense of the God Woman? After such tweets, it’s natural for him to become an object of mockery and trolls by Twitter users and this is how, Twitterians cursed him: 1.





What are your views over this matter? Has Sonu Nigam dug his own grave by poking nose into Radhe Maa controversy or is it a publicity stunt on his part to gain attention of people? Quite obviously, what he tweeted is intolerable from every perspective and he has spoiled all his name and fame with these tweets and lose many fans too! What do you think is the reason behind his tweets? Share your views in the comments section below.