He is Son Of Osama Bin Laden And His MESSAGE Will Shock The World

Meet Osama Bin Laden’s son who is all set to lead Al-Qaeda. Fear based oppression is the greatest obstacle in the development and solidarity of the world. It is miserable and unsettling to find out about misfortunes happening each day and all in view of a cluster of individuals who need to manage the world.

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It is following 6 years of the Operation Neptune Spear (Operation to slaughter Osama Bin Laden by the US), the individual letters of his child Hamza have been de-arranged by an ex-FBI operator, Ali Soufan.

Exasperated by the demise of his dad, Hamza is arranging as of now to head Al Qaeda. As indicated by the ex-FBI operator, Ali, Hamza’s letter perused:

“Every look … every smile you gave me, every word you told me. I consider myself to be forged in steel. The path of jihad for the sake of God is what we live [for].”

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He has conferred himself to the way of psychological oppression and Ali likewise told that over the most recent two years Hamza has discharged four messages calling for assaults against the West.

Instructions up the zist of messages, Mr Soufan stated, “He’s fundamentally saying, ‘American individuals, we’re coming and will feel it. What’s more, will deliver retribution for what you did to my dad … Iraq … Afghanistan.’ The entire thing was about retaliation.”

The law and police have as of now began a track again Hamza. In January of this current year, Hamza was set on a US state office dread watch list and marked an “extraordinarily assigned worldwide fear monger” — a similar grouping his dad had.

It is such a miserable state, to the point that even after Osama Bin Laden is accepted to be no metal on the planet, we once more need to prepare ourselves for an up and coming psychological oppression head.

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The measures being taken to check fear based oppression are simply being restricted by similarly extreme measures taken by the psychological militants to coordinate the diversion. We trust, that there is no condition of war. We as a whole need to comprehend that it is a place where we as a whole advance with solidarity. Changing to various objectives and definitions about peace won’t be an exit plan.

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