Someone Made A Video Of Public Toilets Around The World. Yes, They Showed India Too.

Toilets do carry a very significant role when it comes to our houses. It put a long lasting impression on our guests and relatives.

We know the conditions of public toilets in India and we don’t like to think about those filthy toilets. Taking into account only those lavish hotels with clean toilets in India will be an injustice to the grimy ones we see on the roadways.

But it’s only when if you haven’t traveled the whole world yet.

Here is a video showing the toilets of restrooms all over the world presented by a YouTube Channel, Cut Video.

These toilets have splendid designs and awe inspiring cleanliness. The guy making this video is also stunned at these awesome toilets specially the toilets in Japan impressed him very much.

A must watch video. Enjoy! And don’t forget to share.

Click here to watch directly on YouTube

The conditions of public toilets in India is very embarrassing and shameful.


If they can maintain it so well, why can’t we?

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