Checkout What Your Sitting Position Say About Your Personality

We come across different articles every day telling us about our personality just by looking at our hands or feet or body shape. In this article, we are going to find out the intention of a person by noticing their sitting position. Our position reveals our hidden desires.

According to psychologists, one’s personality can be judged just from their sitting position.


People sitting in this position with knees closer which goes down to get wider has a conception that things will get resolved on their own. They don’t take much tension and wait for the right time. Such people are friendly, childish, and easy to go around. They also have a very creative mind.

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It is believed that people who sit with cross legs have a great imagination power. They always come up with a simple solution to every problem. They love traveling and making new friends and sometimes called as the inner voice of their team.

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People who sit in this squat position are well known to comfort. They do not spend much time on grooming or perfecting their outer beauty. But they prefer to spend their time in feeding and treating themselves. Such people may face focus problem sometimes because their mind takes a long time to concentrate.

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People who sit in this position are not punctual themselves but expect others to be on time. They are intelligent and sensitive and hate people who discuss their personal problems publicly. Such group of people has a good nature but they also prefer limiting their circle.

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Such people are very punctual and intelligent. They are driven towards success and always want to move forward. They also have their own insecurities and often face criticism from their closed ones.

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So what is your sitting position?