Shilpa Shinde Puts Condition To Return On “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai” & Says No The Kapil Sharma Show


Shilpa Shinde has quit popular comedy show “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai”, alleging that the makers “mentally tortured” her. As per the reports on SpotboyE, Shilpa a.k.a Angoori Bhabhi has said she is ready to return to the & TV Serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai!

Yes! our  very own Angoori Bhabhi wants to come back to the show BUT for that she has a condition. Shilpa will eagerly return to the show only if the producer of the show, Binaifer is shown the door.  The actress is not happy with the location as well.  As per the reports on SpotBoye, she said, “I will return if Binaifer is replaced and the location is changed. I am not mad to leave a good show, but can’t work with a producer who wants  to control me.  Also, my health is not very good and there are no good medical facilities in Naigaon.”

Shilpa clearified that she has no issues with the channel. She said,  “The original  team which created the show’s concept is no longer there and the new members don’t know me personally. So, they might have come under the influence of Binaifer, who has been spreading rumours about me,” she explains.

On being asked about whether she will be a part of ”The Kapil Sharma Show”, Shilpa was quick to respond. She said, “No, I have declined it for health reasons.” We hope that the issues get resolved pretty soon as fans are eagerly waiting to see Angoori Bhabhi again that too as soon as possible.