Want To Date Shahrukh Khan’s Daughter Suhana? Follow These 7 Conditions Laid Down By Him

Shahrukh Khan has probably romanced with every beautiful actress of the Bollywood. He might be the king of romance but when it comes to his daughter he is one of the most protective fathers of the world. In a candid conversation with Karan Johar in Coffee With Karan, he said he wouldn’t spare a guy if tries to kiss his teenage daughter.


He has laid down seven strict conditions for any guy who Suhana wants to date. Here are the 7 conditions that one has to follow if he has to date Suhana.

1. Get a job


Well, this one doesn’t come out as a surprise. Every father wants a guy to be well settled in his life so that he can keep his daughter happy.

2. Understand that I don’t like you

Here Shahrukh is trying to be honest. If Suhana starts liking a guy then he will feel that the guy is getting more attention and time than him. Suhana’s time will get divided between family and the guy.

3. I am everywhere and always have an eye on you


Shahrukh wants Suhana’s guy to know that he is everywhere and always has an eye on both of them. So he must always keep Suhana happy.

4. The guy must have a lawyer


We don’t understand the reason behind this. But SRK wants the guy to have his own lawyer.

5. She’s My Princess, Not Your Conquest

We all know how much protective he is towards Suhana. He has always treated her like a princess and so he wants the guy to treat her the same way.

6. I Don’t Mind Going Back To Jail


Whatever for his princess! This is like an early warning for the guy. He should think twice before mistreating Suhana.

7. Whatever you do to her, I will do to you

Shahrukh believes in the idea of “Give respect, take respect”. Well, nobody can dare to mess with the Don actor Shahrukh Khan.