World’s Sexiest Lady-Biker Olga Pronia Dies In A Tragic Accident

The world famous motorcyclist, Olga Pronia died in a horrific car accident. The 40-year-old lady-biker lost control of her BMW while riding down a motorway in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. She suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Olga Pronia lost control of her bike & crashed into a fence in the city of Vladivostok

Olga Pronia

She lost control of her bike and ploughed into a side railing on Monday evening. Her bike split into half during the crash, police said.

Olga Pronia was a well-known Instagrammer who went by the name Monika9422. She had over 1,50,000 Instagram followers. She rose to fame by posting videos on a bike, performing stunts in skimpy outfits on her BMW S1000RR.

Olga Pronia

All her videos featured her blowing a kiss towards the camera, then standing up on the bike and shaking her hips as she speeds away down the road. In one of her last posted last month, the thrill-crashing rider is seen straddling a motorcycle and drinking from a straw while riding at high speed.

Besides being a biker, she was also a hairdresser

She was addressed by her friends as an adrenaline junkie who loved riding at high speed. Some of her arrived at the death scene and said she loved speed.

Olga Pronia

According to Sputnik news, one of Olga’s wheels had been through hundreds of meters in the horrific crash. While it is currently unclear whether she was filming a video when the crash took place, her phone could not be found at the scene.

Olga is a divorced mother of a 16-year-old daughter who was staying at her parent’s house when the accident took place. The woman started riding bikes when she was just 21. She wrote about her love for bikes many times on her social media handle.

Olga Pronia

She wrote, “I love it because it forgives me my foolishness, for saving my sorry a**, thank you for never failing me, for making my lonely nights better, for helping me to forget troubles of my life, for training my body and my brain. Thank you for gifting me freedom… and I know that I am not alone. There are thousands like me, those madly in love with their metal horses.”

May she Rest in Peace!