This Scammer Dug His Own Grave While Scamming A Woman. What Happened Next Will Astound You

Scamming is commonplace everywhere. Be it from the Internet or in person, scammers manage to do fake promises and deals with innocent folks and ditch them at the end.

Something similar might have happened with this woman as well, had not she be more shrewd at judging people than him. She did not trust him and was impossible to be coaxed by such dishonest chaps.

This scammer tried to play nice and all flirty in the beginning but didn’t realize who he was messing up with. This intelligent woman didn’t fall for his booby traps and even scammed him right back.

She did not prove to be a miserable woman in the end but taught a very good lesson to the filthy scammer. He will never forget the lesson tho!

Stephan the scammer had the worst moments of his life when he tried to befriend this anonymous woman. He showered her with fake love proposals and began asking for money straight to come to her and live with her in Britain.

However, she didn’t fall for these false promises and realized that he is a devious scammer.

Here are the screenshots of the conversation-

In the beginning, he was being all chivalrous and gentle with her. However, as the conversation began to unfold, she shut her down in the most hilarious way.

Barbara asked the man to be in his limits and stop addressing her with ‘sweet lady’ or things like that.

She successfully feigned to be a total naive and made up things as suited he. Finally he grew really angry as expected and dug his own grave.

She exposed him in front of the world.

We need more people like Barbara to stand up for good and teach these dumb heads and unforgettable lesson. 

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