Salman Khan’s Doting Sister Arpita Khan Is Upset With The Star Due To This Shocking Reason

Family comes first for Salman Khan. We all know how much busy he remains in his shootings. But when it’s about his family, he always manages to take out time. It was evident last month on his nephew Ahil’s first birthday. His whole family and close friends have gathered at Maldives to celebrate Ahil’s birthday. So how is it possible that Salman would not join the. He flew all the way from Austria to Maldives.

Arpita Khan

Image Source: Circle of Bollywood

Besides being a loving uncle, he is a caring brother too. Salman Khan’s love and affection for his sister Arpita Khan are not hidden from us. He is very fond of his sister. However, it seems like he has made his sister upset due to a very shocking reason.

The reason is none other Arpita’s husband Aayush Sharma. It came as a surprise as he never leaves any stone unturned to keep his doting sister happy. But this time he has failed to live up her expectations.


Image Source: Woman’s Era

Salman is known as a godfather of many celebrities in Bollywood. He has launched several newcomers through his movie. Therefore sister Arpita Khan also expected him to launch his husband Aayush Sharma.

Earlier Salman thought to approach other production houses to launch him. But later he decided to launch him through his movie. He assured Arpita that he will launch Aayush in Bollywood. But due to his busy schedules, he couldn’t live up to his promise.


Image Source: Times Of India

Sohail Khan on this said,“He (Aayush) is getting a lot of good offers. So, he doesn’t need us. He will not come in films till he is ready.”

Well, it would be interesting to see who will launch him. However, it seems like Aayush Sharma has to wait for more time for his launch in the Bollywood.