Sachin Slammed Badly On Twitter For Over-Promoting His Film In The Name Of Indian Armed Forces

Sachin Tendulkar may have quit playing cricket yet he is as yet an exceptionally bustling individual, particularly these days, as he is advancing his up and coming biopic entitled “Sachin: A Billion Dreams”. He has devoted the biopic to his dad and senior sibling and it appears that he is especially appended with it.


Sachin is not leaving any possibility of advancing his motion picture. As of late, he likewise met the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inform him concerning his flick and take his favors. Nonetheless, now individuals are becoming weary of him advancing the biopic and when he went to meet the work force of Indian Army for advancements, Twitterati lost tolerance and began pummeling Little Master. His announcement additionally holds the duty regarding making individuals irate as he stated, “When I chose to do this motion picture, first believed was that first screening ought to be for Indian Armed powers: Tendulkar #SachinABillionDreams.”

Individuals felt that Sachin was utilizing the name of Indian Armed strengths with the end goal of advancing his motion picture and they additionally brought up that he doesn’t di anything for the Indian Armed powers till now however wouldn’t fret utilizing them for the support. There were numerous who demonstrated their outrage because of his nonattendance in the Rajya Sabha.


How twitter responded,

Sachin Tendulkar your contribution to the Indian Army.


Ever did this?

Extra promotion

Screening at Rajya Sabha.

Do you agree?

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