Russian President Vladimir Putin Is Now The Richest Person In The World

There has been quite a buzz for some time now concerning the richest person in the world. Apparently, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon were in the competition to be the richest people. After a few days news came that Bezos has overpowered Gates and is now the richest person.

However, as the share prices dropped, Bill Gates again outplayed Bezos to again take on the throne. Amazon’s stock price slid, and Bezos went back to the No. 2 spot, according to Forbes’ real-time ranking.

But according to the recent reports, Vladimir Putin has surpassed them and is now crowned as the richest person in the world.

Former Hermitage Capital Management CEO, Bill Browder said that Putin is worth more than both Gates and Bezos combined.

According to former Hermitage Capital Management CEO Bill Browder, Putin’s net worth is $200 billion which is way more than the total estimated worth of Gates and Bezos. Browder even got it testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

Currently, Bill Gates worth is estimated to be $90 billion and that of Bezos is $85 billion. The difference between Putin’s wealth and Gates-Bezos combined is $180 billion which is his unofficial wealth.

Browder claims that he has complete knowledge about Putin’s total wealth. He was a shareholder in Surgutneftegas, Gazprom and other state-run enterprises in Russia. He added that Putin’s business deal with some Russian businessman in 1990s also came in handy.

Browder was quoted saying, “I estimate that [Putin] has accumulated $200 billion of ill-gotten gains. He keeps his money in the West and all of his money in the West is potentially exposed to asset freezes and confiscation.”

He further added,

“There are approximately 10,000 officials in Russia working for Putin who are given instructions to kill, torture, kidnap, extort money from people and seize their property”

“According to Mr Putin’s official asset form – a mandatory public disclosure for all Russian government officials – he earns $133,000 a year and has a modest apartment in Moscow.”

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