Revealition By Rahul’s Father About Pratyusha & His Son Has Turned The Whole Case


The shocking suicide case of Pratyusha Banerjee has left many questions unanswered. Where some believe that the Gen next star of Bollywood took this drastic step because of poor financial condition and lack of work, many are also of the belief that this all happened because of her love life.

There are many allegations that are still to be proved against her live-in boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. But before police can take any step towards it, Rahul’s father has made a shocking revelation that has turned the whole case.

According to the recent reports Rahul has been hospitalized in Shree Sai Hospital because of depression and he was also in a hysterical condition. Rahul’s father, Harshvardhan Singh looked distressed upon the matter and stated, “My son is innocent; have no idea why media and Pratyusha’s friends are blaming him.”

Rahul’s father also stated that he was unaware about the happening as he lives in Ranchi. He sai, “How will we know if they had problems? Whatever they told us, we believed it. They told us they were happy in a relationship and wanted to get married. And if they were not happy why would they had come and spoken to us about marriage.”

Talking about Pratyusha he said, “I told her that her family needs to come and speak about the marriage as per traditions in our family. She then shared with me that she did not have good relationship with her parents and did not want to involve them at the moment. She was also supposed to send some legal notice to them. Pratyusha said that her uncle might come to discuss about the marriage.”

“Her family stays just 120 kms away from my place in Jamshedpur and during Pratyusha’s stay of six days did not bother to come and meet her or us. The girl also showed no interest in meeting her parents. We were shocked but did not question her.”

“We called a priest to match their kundalis, who informed us that Pratyusha was a mangalik. He told us that a pooja was needed to be done to ward off the bad omen in her fate. She agreed for the ceremony and for the next few days stayed with us and had a good time here in Ranchi. She stayed for good six days and I did not see any issues between them.”

On her bad relations with family, Harshvardhan added, “Pratyusha told me that her family handled all her bank accounts and never gave her any money. When she tried talking to them on the same, they left her alone in Mumbai and went off to their hometown. After doing big shows like Balika Vadhu and Bigg Boss she revealed to me that she had not a single penny in her account and a loan of 50 lakhs on her.”

However, Harshvardhan isn’t sure if this is true. He said, “You guys should go and check her account details to find the truth. She recently had to face problems when bank authorities came to her home to take money. She did not even have Rs 6000 to pay for her car’s EMI. And her friends who are stating that she had no financial issues, where were they when she was subjected to so much insult by the loan repaying officers.”

He burstinto tears while talking about their relation and said, “My son is devastated with whatever has happened. He has lost stability and is crying and howling. He is running away saying that Pratyusha is alone and he has to go with her, he is constantly chanting her name. We still can’t believe whatever has happened. Pratyusha is gone and currently I see my son in a miserable state. I don’t know why God is so cruel on us.”

Talking about Rahul’s relation with Saloni as well he said, “Rahul had mentioned to us that she was a psycho kind and was after his life. She was not ready to leave my son.”

On rahul’s runaway from the hospital he said, “He did not run away from the hospital. Rahul called us saying that Pratyusha was no more; he was hysterical. We spoke to him for more than an hour and then I called few of his friends and asked them to take Rahul away. What if he also took such an extreme step? Rahul is very emotional and we knew what he must have been going through. He did not abscond, we were in touch. He co operated with the police once he was a little calm. Rahul and Pratyusha loved each other really deeply.”

This revelation has turned the whole case. But we must stay calm, the truth is still to be found out.