REVEALED: The Real Reason Behind Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande’s Break-Up.

Apparently, Sushant’s stardom took a heavy toll on their relationship as Ankita grew more and more insecure. Despite Sushant’s repeated assurances that he’d never indulge with any other woman, Ankita could apparently not get rid of her insecurity.

“She knew he was not cheating on her. In fact, a few days ago, when Sushant went to Cape Town for three days for a shoot with two girls, he surprised her by asking her to accompany him. She was the only woman in his life for six years, He was happy if she was happy and vice versa,” a source was quoted by DNA.

After a point of time, it was certainly too much for Sushant to bear and he stopped giving further justifications. “She (Ankita) admitted that she couldn’t control them and after a while, he started reacting differently, not wanting to justify and repeat himself every day. He even told her that while he’d never flirt or date another woman, theirs was an open relationship and he would never question her on her whereabouts. But even that couldn’t cement a bond that was slowly breaking. He couldn’t convince her that nothing would go wrong,” the source added.

If you remember, we recently spotted Sushant alone at an award ceremony whereas we are used to seeing the couple together at almost every occasion. Ankita couldn’t (or didn’t) turn up for Sushant’s birthday bash either.

However, it’s quite evident that both of them are having a tough time in coping up with the split. Sushant’s latest Twitter updates are visible lonely and disheartened.

Ankita had an emotional response to Sushant’s tweets.