SHOCKING Reason Behind The Only Four Passport Colors In The World

What’s the use of a Passport? And the simple answer is it helps us to legally enter a foreign country. In order to get a passport, one needs to follow several legal procedures. We believe we know a lot about these passports. But it is not necessarily so.

Do you know why there are only four different passport colors in the whole world? Some of you might know this fact but there are also some who are still unaware of this fact.

While checking in at an airport we get to see a lot of passports with different colors than ours. It is enough to stimulate our curiosity about the reason behind it. The color is way more important than you can imagine right now.

The passports of 193 different UN member countries are primarily of four colors- Red, Blue, Green, and Black. Shades may vary, however, the colors remain the same. The rules regarding the appearance of passports rest with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The choice of the colors varies according to the respective nations as well. Every country has its own reason to select a particular color for the passports.

Here we are going to uncover the unknown truths regarding the different passport colors.

1. Red

Red colored passports are the most common ones across the globe. It is the most common among the member nations of the European Union(EU). It is chosen because of Europe’s past communist history or contemporary communist system. Regular EU passports are burgundy-red in color. Switzerland has bright red colored passports. Turkey too changed the color of their passports in the hope to join EU. Some other countries who also issue a red colored passport are China, Serbia, Russia, Poland and Colombia.

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2. Blue

It is the second most used color in passports in the world. From United States of America(USA) to India, blue colored passports are in use in the countries. The 15 Caribbean countries of CARICOM (Caribbean Community and Common Market) also prefers blue color. According to some popular belief, blue signifies The New World, therefore all the countries who believe in the new world support blue passports. Some South American countries like Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay use a blue passport to exhibit their connections with Mercosur(trade union).

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3. Green

Mostly Muslim countries and some West African countries bear green colored passports. Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Morocco use green passports. They believe that green was the favorite color of Prophet Muhammad and it is also a symbol of peace and nature. Some African countries including Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Senegal have a green passport showing their allegiance to ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States).

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4. Black

Black colored passports are quite rare in all the four passport colors. Many countries do not prefer this color due to various reasons. However, there still are some countries which prefer black colored passports. The list includes few African nations like Zambia, Congo, Chad, Malawi and others.

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New Zealand also uses black passports as it is their national color.