Reason Why Colors TV Was Showing Comedy Nights With Kapil This Sunday?

Reportedly, many celebs boycotted this show as they didn’t like the roasting done by the comedians in the show. So, is the channel struggling to get TRP by showing Kapil’s CNWK episodes? Are these two show not able to gain the equal number of TRPs that Kapil’s show gave? Or it was just a technical glitch the channel team did and telecast an episode from Kapil’s show.


We got to know the reason behind this and everything seemed to have fallen in place. Apparently over the last four weeks, Star Plus has beaten Colors in the TRP race left, right and centre. According to BARC ratings, Star Plus was ahead of Colors by 1.6 GRPs in Week 29 and the gap only increased next week where Star Plus led with a figure of 6.7 GRPs.