This Is The Reason Why Chandan Wasn’t Coming On The Kapil Sharma Show And It’s Not Kapil

After the unending brawl that took place mid-air, there were rumors all over the internet that Chandan has also boycotted the show. It was hard to believe that Chandan who is a childhood friend of Kapil Sharma would also leave the show. But now the rumors have proved untrue.

It might sound dim yet it’s actual that Kapil and Chandan are chaddi-mates. Hailing from a similar town, the two have grown up together; have contemplated in a similar school and have likewise made their nearness felt on Hindi broadcast business with a similar show-The Great Indian Laughter Challenge-however in their individual limits.

“Yes, we’ve grown-up together. While Kapil was the victor of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, I was the primary runner-up,” affirms Chandan.


All in all, where was he this while? “Since I am more connected to the Punjabi film industry, I have been creating and coordinating movies there in the state. I’ve likewise produced a Punjabi demonstrate Laughter Da Master for ETC Punjabi.

At the point when inquired as to why he wasn’t the principal decision for Kapil’s show, he shocked us when he asserts, “I was clearly the primary decision to assume this part yet then I was excessively occupied with one of my movies; henceforth couldn’t take it up. Furthermore, that is when Naseem Vicky was reserved in. Afterward, when a few issues sprung up, Naseem needed to move out of the show. The creators searched for a couple of choices however when nobody could fit the part, they hit me up once more. Since I was occupied and, after its all said and done, I consented to shoot for six to seven scenes with the goal that they could get some more opportunity to get a substitution. Furthermore, now here I am. The channel cherishes my execution and even I have begun to look all starry eyed at the show.”


Chandan has additionally begun attempting numerous characters in the demonstrate nowadays. “Yes, they have opened more roads for me. I am currently likewise observed as Chiranjilal an old man, Raju Srivastav’s better half Rajni and Pappu. Till now I’ve shot for 50 scenes of Comedy Nights,” keeps up the performing artiste.

The performing artist has not quite recently constrained himself to act in this show; he has additionally chipped away at the scripts with Kapil. “Script composing is just the same old thing new for me. Prior, when I had come down to Mumbai to be a piece of Laughter Challenge, we composed our own particular scripts as we didn’t have a script essayist then. Presently I am a substance executive for my own Punjabi movies,” he advises.


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Where do you get the entertaining lines from? “It’s about perception. On the off chance that you watch things painstakingly surrounding, you will locate a few amusing things happening. I essentially bring them on-screen,” Chandan legitimizes.

What’s next for the capable man? “I am taking a shot at a Hindi film script and if all goes well, I’ll be guiding it as well,” concedes the on-screen characters.

Approach to go Chandan. Keep doing awesome!

Kapil Sharma’s behavior was not the reason why he wasn’t coming on the show. In fact, there was a very cute reason behind his absence. Chandan Prabhakar is blessed with a cute baby girl a few days back. He took to Twitter to share this news with his fans.


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An overwhelmed Chandan wrote,“Wat a lovely mrng, If I write words they will create boundaries around my feelings which r I want to share it with the whole universe..n Yes its a feeling of becoming a FATHER…n now I m FATHER blessed with a baby girl..Thank u so much, God.”


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He further added, “Trying to xpress my happiness in words…Thanx Nandani…lots of love and hug…”

This is the Tweet that he posted

In April, 2015, he got married to Punjabi based girl Nandini Khanna. It was a traditional Punjabi wedding in Amritsar. This is the couple’s first child and they are on top of the world. Amidst all the tension between Kapil and Sunil Grover, Chandan is giving his whole time to his baby girl.