Do You Know The Reality Of Arranged Marriage? Here’s What Really Happens

Marriage is not only the tying up of two individuals but it is also a tying up of two souls together for the rest of their lives. People often believe that there is always a soul mate for every person in this world.

It is indeed a very big decision to marry someone. Although love seems to be the most primary thing, that is not the only thing to take care about when it comes to marrying someone.

Individuals of our generation would probably choose Love marriage over arranged marriage. But that’s not what our parents think. They are always going to oppose any such wishes of ours, crushing them once and for all.

If I ask you what would you prefer- Love marriage of Arranged marriage? What would your answer be?

If you are going to say the latter one then think twice because we are going to some secrets of arranged marriage to you.

1. Beti zara chal kar dikhao

There are as many hurdles in an arranged marriage as in Love marriage or maybe more than that. All these shitty things our society forces us to do makes us conscious about our appearance and everything.

In contrast to that, Love marriage doesn’t require such Agnipareeksha. The important thing is if you two love each other, then you can rest assured that the person will accept you the way you are.

2. Paas Maa hai

The second obstacle you have to overcome is to convince each other’s families that you are fit to marry each other. The girl is not allowed to disobey her mother-in-law in any way or she will upset her.

Whereas in Love marriage, freedom is the most important factor towards happiness. And love should always be free, right?

3. Ab kya hoga iska

When you are all set for the day in advance but when the day actually comes you become nervous. Now, what’s that? You should be happy but I think that cannot happen in arranged one.

While in Love marriage you couldn’t wait for all the rituals to get over. You feel butterflies in the stomach, and extremely happy that finally, you are going to marry someone whom you love so much.

4. Ab pote ka muh kab dikha rahe ho?

Even before you have been happily married for hardly 1 or 2 months, these annoying aunties show up from nowhere and begin asking questions about your babies to come. This is so irksome.

But that’s not really a problem with you guys, the Love ones. They respect their partner’s wish and will make sure to never force them into anything.

5. Baad mein kuch mat kehna

Arranged marriage is all about adjustments and compromise while Love marriage is totally the opposite. You know each other well from the beginning and took the big decision after being sure that you are perfect for each other as life partners.

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