Real Life Version Of Kids Cartoon Characters

Cartoons and kids are just inseparable. As a child, we all have watched loads of cartoon movies and shows. Some were so legendary that even adults also enjoy watching them. One of those extremely good cartoon shows is Tom & Jerry. How we all have lamented the fact that the series is ending on such a sad note.

But have you ever wondered where the inspiration for these incredible animated characters come from? Talking about the animals, in particular, they have their origin in some very particular species. You can see lots of Great Dane but the one which looks exactly like our favorite Scooby Doo is actually rare.

Here are 14 such cartoon characters from animated movies that have real-life copies-

1. Puss In Boots- Shrek

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2. Bambi- Bambi

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3. Mufasa and Simba- The Lion King

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4. Master Shifu- Kung Fu Panda

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5. Tod and Copper- The Fox and the Hound

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6. Pua- Moana

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7. Kenai and Koda- Brother Bear

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8. Sylvester- The Looney Tunes Show

9. Po- Kung Fu Panda

10. Marlin and Dory- Finding Nemo

11. HeiHei- Moana

12. Abu and Iago- Alaadin

13. Timon and Simba- The Lion King

14. Donkey- Shrek

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