Check Out The Public Toilets In Different Countries

India has struggled a lot in advancing from excreting in open fields to using public toilets. Now the country has different types of commodes available at every distance and also in different styles. Basically, our country promotes the squat-toilet system but since it is hard for older people to use them, it has now advanced to western toilets.

Here is a list of different public toilets that are used worldwide:-

1. Japan

public toilets

Just like India, Japan also traditionally promotes the squat-toilet system. But the country has advanced a lot and now has one of the world’s highly developed toilets. Their toilets feature heated seats, a bidet function, and a dryer too.

The country has removed the use of toilet papers and has a brilliant sanitation system to manage the waste and use it as a fertilizer. Only 10% of the toilets in Japan are squat toilets now.

2. Seoul, South Korea

public toilets

Seoul provides its tourists with a wonderful ice bathroom system where they can also take selfies.

3. Malawi, East Africa

This is a traditional Urine Diversion System in Malawi. However, it has improved a lot with time. All thanks to Sustainable Sanitation.

public toilets

4. China

public toilets

Would you like to try out group-hugging toilet once?

5. Kenya

public toilets

6. London, England

public toilets

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

8. Beijing, China

Beijing is totally advance when it comes to public toilets. The place has come up with the idea of bulletproof toilets so that no one gets killed while peeing.

public toilets

9. Chongqing, China

Chongqing loves celebrating toilet culture. Spread over 30,000 sqft, the four-storey public restroom features urinals shaped like curvaceous women, crocodiles and even the Virgin Mary.

public toilets

10. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is very innovative when it comes to public toilets. Due to a huge amount of beer intake, the country came up with this idea. So here you can have a little chit-chat with your friends while having a leak.

public toilets

What do you think about these toilets?